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A new dimension of merchandising – Start of our Online Shop with our new supplier Loha Werbemittel AG

Functional clothing for on the go, practical tools or the latest sustainable merchandising articles: Discover the future-oriented and sustainable FUSO online shop. Select items and shop online. Promotional items are a nice attention to strengthen our customer relations.

With the launch of our new online store for promotional items, we can now provide you and your customers with high quality products in the latest FUSO branding.

Together with our new supplier Loha, you will no longer order by fax, but here in the online store.

Browse through the categories and simply select the items in the quantity you want. At the end of the selection, go to the shopping cart icon, enter your billing details and wait for your order. You will then receive the invoice directly from our supplier.

We will start with a selected initial assortment of articles, but in the next months we will add more and more articles to the store piece by piece. Market inquiries will give you the possibility to pre-order articles and thus make more attractive prices possible for all markets.

In addition, if you need other items for an event or local trade show that are not currently in the assortment, you can always submit a request via our contact form. We will be happy to help you develop your personal merchandising.

Are you ready to shop?

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Subtle Branding – The logo does not have to be printed over the entire surface to be effective

Brands have to be recognized and remembered. A strong logo or word mark is one of the easiest ways to bind people to a brand. That is exactly what we – FUSO – did. Through our subtle branding, we try to fit in artfully and aesthetically into the mind-set of our customers and thus to deliver products that are also popular in the long term.

Our FUSO jute bag with different prints is not only a practical shopping aid, but also a fashionable accessory. Designed together with designers, our jute bag is robust, sustainable and super modern. We also have a cosy, warm FUSO down jacket in our range. With its classic modern design, the jacket is perfect for everyone.

Whether customers, business partners or employees: everyone is happy when an umbrella is within reach in bad weather. Our FUSO umbrella is exactly what you need. Thanks to its compact size, it can be stowed in any backpack or handbag. The FUSO umbrella impresses with its robust, classic design.

Over 120 million people worldwide drink coffee every day. Maybe soon from one of our FUSO “Ready to Wake Up” coffee mugs? Nowadays, reusable coffee mugs are a must-have in everyday life and ours also look super stylish.

FUSO advertising materials that our target group also wants to use.

Generally speaking, in order for advertising materials to permanently recall the brand, they should be precisely tailored to the target group and the items should be developed accordingly.

Thus, in recent years, we have designed articles that are precisely tailored to our target groups of landscaping, construction, inner-city distribution and municipalities.

For landscapers and craftsmen, we offer high-quality “Ready to Work” work gloves with cut protection; we have high-quality “Ready to Create” folding rulers with integrated protractors on offer. In addition, our “Ready to Clean” FUSO hand washing paste reliably removes stubborn dirt from hands and should not be missing in any craftsman’s car.

Dispatchers are delighted to have a notepad on a pallet on their desk, and we are happy to hand over a powerbank with “Ready to Recharge” printed on it to eCanter fleet customers.

But it is not only target group or product-specific merchandising that is remembered. Merchandising with current relevance is also recommended: High-visibility vests, for example, are mandatory in every vehicle and are therefore an advertising medium that does not end up in the trash can, but often in the van for years.

Or during the Corona pandemic, face masks and disinfectants are not only on everyone’s lips, but also in every handbag and jacket pocket – Ready to Stay Safe.

Sustainable advertising materials to match our products – using the example of the 2018 IAA trade fair merchandise.

With the eCanter, we are trying to help our customers offer more sustainable transport solutions. So while we talk about the eCanter and its vision of “better urban living” at trade fairs and events, it’s hardly appropriate in terms of merchandising to hand out one disposable item after another to the masses of trade fair visitors.

Already at the IAA 2018, we therefore tried to develop merchandising that is so functional and valuable that customers will use it for a long time or to find sustainable alternatives to the disposable items.

While in previous years we distributed around 5,000 water bottles to trade show visitors for refreshment, in 2018 we switched to water dispensers with Detox water that trade show visitors drank in compostable cups. The cup was not thrown away 50 meters away like a water bottle, but was collected by us and later added to the compost. Instead of nuts in plastic packaging, there were also gummy bears in compostable foil and apples with a lasered logo without any packaging at all.

In this way, we not only saved a lot of waste, but also invited visitors to stay longer at our stand.

But there are not only great sustainable alternatives in the area of food. Our valuable USB sticks are no longer made of plastic, but of wood. Ballpoint pens can be made of recycled material and we try to replace the cheap giveaways with high-quality merchandising. The paper and plastic carrier bags are easily replaced by jute bags, which the customer can use all the better when shopping in the supermarket.

All in all, a trade show that is only built for a few days can probably never be completely sustainable. Through the merchandising that we give our customers, we simultaneously hand over an impression of our brand values. So it’s not hard to choose a sustainable alternative when sustainable also means resonant.