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FUSO advertising materials that our target group also wants to use.

Generally speaking, in order for advertising materials to permanently recall the brand, they should be precisely tailored to the target group and the items should be developed accordingly.

Thus, in recent years, we have designed articles that are precisely tailored to our target groups of landscaping, construction, inner-city distribution and municipalities.

For landscapers and craftsmen, we offer high-quality “Ready to Work” work gloves with cut protection; we have high-quality “Ready to Create” folding rulers with integrated protractors on offer. In addition, our “Ready to Clean” FUSO hand washing paste reliably removes stubborn dirt from hands and should not be missing in any craftsman’s car.

Dispatchers are delighted to have a notepad on a pallet on their desk, and we are happy to hand over a powerbank with “Ready to Recharge” printed on it to eCanter fleet customers.

But it is not only target group or product-specific merchandising that is remembered. Merchandising with current relevance is also recommended: High-visibility vests, for example, are mandatory in every vehicle and are therefore an advertising medium that does not end up in the trash can, but often in the van for years.

Or during the Corona pandemic, face masks and disinfectants are not only on everyone’s lips, but also in every handbag and jacket pocket – Ready to Stay Safe.