Subtle Branding – The logo does not have to be printed over the entire surface to be effective

Brands have to be recognized and remembered. A strong logo or word mark is one of the easiest ways to bind people to a brand. That is exactly what we – FUSO – did. Through our subtle branding, we try to fit in artfully and aesthetically into the mind-set of our customers and thus to deliver products that are also popular in the long term.

Our FUSO jute bag with different prints is not only a practical shopping aid, but also a fashionable accessory. Designed together with designers, our jute bag is robust, sustainable and super modern. We also have a cosy, warm FUSO down jacket in our range. With its classic modern design, the jacket is perfect for everyone.

Whether customers, business partners or employees: everyone is happy when an umbrella is within reach in bad weather. Our FUSO umbrella is exactly what you need. Thanks to its compact size, it can be stowed in any backpack or handbag. The FUSO umbrella impresses with its robust, classic design.

Over 120 million people worldwide drink coffee every day. Maybe soon from one of our FUSO “Ready to Wake Up” coffee mugs? Nowadays, reusable coffee mugs are a must-have in everyday life and ours also look super stylish.