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A new dimension of merchandising – Start of our Online Shop with our new supplier Loha Werbemittel AG

Functional clothing for on the go, practical tools or the latest sustainable merchandising articles: Discover the future-oriented and sustainable FUSO online shop. Select items and shop online. Promotional items are a nice attention to strengthen our customer relations.

With the launch of our new online store for promotional items, we can now provide you and your customers with high quality products in the latest FUSO branding.

Together with our new supplier Loha, you will no longer order by fax, but here in the online store.

Browse through the categories and simply select the items in the quantity you want. At the end of the selection, go to the shopping cart icon, enter your billing details and wait for your order. You will then receive the invoice directly from our supplier.

We will start with a selected initial assortment of articles, but in the next months we will add more and more articles to the store piece by piece. Market inquiries will give you the possibility to pre-order articles and thus make more attractive prices possible for all markets.

In addition, if you need other items for an event or local trade show that are not currently in the assortment, you can always submit a request via our contact form. We will be happy to help you develop your personal merchandising.

Are you ready to shop?

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